• Characteristics

    • Translation process management that conforms to ISO17100 guidelines.
    • All translation process management is performed by a certified translation project manager.

    All translation process management is performed by a certified translation project manager. Translation process management (source document analysis, specifications verification, verification of translation tools needed, etc.) is conducted based on the guidelines spelled out in ISO17100 listed below. Reviewing is conducted as necessary and as clients’ budgets permit.

    Translation Process
    ⇒ Check
    ⇒ Revise
    ⇒ Review
    ⇒ Proofread
    ⇒ Final verification

  • Bilingual Management

    • Support offered for corporate bilingual management
    • Support offered for bilingual management with bilingual databases

    We offer support in converting various documents into bilingual documents (corporate governance related documents and other documents related to bilingual management).

    Our experienced translation staff translates and provides support for globally integrated enterprises’ basic policies for corporate governance, reports, CSR reports, articles of association, rules of employment, subsidiary management regulations, and any other standard documents and company regulations that are indispensable for bilingual management. We also provide bilingual data as requested to help with bilingual management.

  • Translation Assistance Tools

    • CAT tools, MT, TM, and other tools used to streamline translation process.
    • Translation assistance tools used to streamline translation process.

    Data from deliverables is accumulated using translation assistance tools. By continually and repeatedly using this data for other translations, we can provide sustained improvement, shortened delivery times, and lower costs.

  • World Network

    • We are in cooperation with certification associations and organizations worldwide.

    Babel University Professional School of Translation (BUPST), which is a part of Babel Corporation’s global network, is a graduate school recognized by the US Department of Education and certified by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). BUPST is unparalleled in having an established reputation as a professional graduate school which focuses solely on translation. BUPST is in cooperation with translation certification associations and organizations worldwide, and therefore can offer translators that meet global level performance standards.

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  • 多言語出版翻訳




Babel K.K. has been operating for 44 years
34 years of translation and interpretation service
Babel Corporation based in San Francisco, California has been operating for 22 years
Babel University Professional School of Translation has been operating for 18 years