Please feel free to contact MLC by selecting the “Inquiries and Estimates” option on Website menu. We will contact you with a fee estimate and date for translation delivery.


After reviewing your estimate (includes fee and delivery date), please feel free to place your order via email. MLC will begin translation only after clients have placed an order.


MLC will send completed work to the email address stipulated by clients. For files that are too large to be sent via email, MLC will contact clients to determine other delivery methods.


After work is delivered, MLC will issue an invoice to clients. Payment is typically expected by the end of the following month after work is delivered. Payment should be made via bank transfer. However, MLC will work with clients to arrange for other forms of payment (online payment, etc.). MLC generally does not accept promissory notes.


Fees are typically calculated based on the number of words or characters in the original documents. No adjustments are made to fees based on word or character count of final products. MLC will only charge the estimated fee provided to clients.